Saint Peter Old Tyme Religion
 As more types of services come available, I will include them for your convenience
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Here you will find an "Abrahamish Prayer Service". We don't do church worship services, because we are trying hard not to turn into yet another religion. We do offer prayer services and a Prayer List for those who need advocates to the Almighty. We are faith based and want to keep it that way. For details and information on available Sacramental Services, please check the "Brother James" tab.

You will also find "Jewish Services" from the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. These people offer a homey experience of worship, much like you would expect from the Jewish community. I heartily recommend it if you are looking to learn or just seeking a fresh theological experience.

Next, we offer "Christian Services" in the form of a Catholic Mass from This is a very nice Catholic Mass. Having been born Catholic I often view it in the middle of the week for a recharge. (Remember, just because I am Abrahamish does not mean I can't be a good Catholic, too.
After all, one of Abrahamism’s prime tenets is that "If you are a Jew you should remain a Jew and be the best Jew you can be. Almighty made you a Jew for a reason." Likewise, if you are a Christian you should remain a Christian and be the best Christian you can be. Almighty made you a Christian for a reason." And, “if you are a Muslim you should remain a Muslim and be the best Muslim you can be. Almighty made you a Muslim for a reason." I will endeavor to find Worship and Prayer from other Christian denominations as I can.

Finally, we offer “Muslim Prayer Service”. They don’t do Worship services, per say. They pray five times or more a day. Allah, Jesus and the Great Spirit are all highly pleased with that.
So, enjoy your time here and don’t be afraid to be a part of what the other guys do. It is a learning experience. Besides, you never know when you are going to wind up in a town that only has a Mosque. We all worship the same God, we might as well be able to worship Him in any Synagogue, Church or Mosque without embarrassment.

Think about it and God Bless you all.
Brother James